Your Back-Office


A few words

AIR Consulting was built with the principle that service and communication are everything. We know the value of automation and utilize it wherever possible, but we also know there is nothing like a team of attentive minds. We strive to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients through dedicated service.

Mission Statement

We are a global talent solutions company serving business administration needs with career development opportunities for our employees and strong systems for our clients. We support our personnel through focused recruiting, training, and retention plans. We support our clients by offering world-class service and nurturing long term relationships. We utilize innovation, technology, and teamwork to deliver the best service and talent possible.


AIR Consulting is ready to help you get to the next level. Our team strives to give you the best service while always maintaining the values below so that you can trust our work and focus on what matters to you.


We embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and seek opportunities to grow our employees and clients.


We strive to always produce timely, accurate and value-added services and products while being consistent and trustworthy.


We adhere to the highest standards of honesty, quality, respect, and honor. Unified in putting moral principles first in all of our business and personal dealings.


We take action to critically assess and strategically act upon difficult situations in which we are placed, and we find opportunity within these challenges.


We value our peers and strive to allow each to reach their highest potential while simultaneously creating a fun and interactive workplace. Our business is only as strong as our team.

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