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Global Staffing

We work in multiple foreign countries and take care of compliance by keeping up to date on labor laws, norms, and regulations. You get to focus on your business and use the AIR network as your employer of record. The services are billed on one consolidated monthly bill paid to our U.S. based company.

Back-Office Management

Back-Office Management is one of the most vital parts of every enterprise. Here is where AIR separates itself from the competition: our Mission and Values. We understand what is at stake.


Saving time is saving money. The goal is to utilize technology as much as possible to reduce time spent on reoccurring tasks. This can be achieved through process adjustments and software integrations.


Integrating to a new platform is often a brutal time period for a company, but still necessary to provide the framework to scale. Whether you are in the search for the right ERP system or want someone to manage the whole integration on an accounting, IT, and user level; AIR consulting would love to take weight off your shoulders.


Running a growing company is challenging because management can’t be everywhere at once and you eventually start to lose transparency. Financial and non-financial reports are there to provide the right information to help make informed decisions and indicate that a decision needs to be made. Reporting is just the tip of the iceberg. There is still ocean to navigate.

Executive Administration

At AIR Consulting we specialize in providing outsourced remote executive assistants who are expertly trained to meet the unique needs of busy teams like yours. With our tailored approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are the best choice for organizations seeking unparalleled support and streamlined operations.