Backed by a team of C.P.A.’s, M.B.A’s, and graduates of highly regarded schools, with decades of work experience.

AIR can support you from a micro-department level to a macro-operational level. We know how to play the part that you need.

Whether you need a team that takes direction or is more independent by making the work their own we are always looking for improvements with an entrepreneurial spirit and readiness to serve our clients.

We focus on back office services to help you focus on what you need to make your company grow. Whether that be accounting and reporting support or assistance from your own dedicated executive assistant, we are here to provide the people and knowledge your company needs.

In the accounting sector, we specialize in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable outsourcing. These two departments are the most time consuming for our clients. Our team makes this their career and implements all our company values into their daily work. We do our best to match up with clients that share some of our values and have their own that we can grow into.

All though we have specialties, our work experience and current clientele requires daily cash reports, weekly sales reports, monthly balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries, profit loss analysis, and tax reporting at the State and Federal levels. Our team makes accounting their career. When they become masters of receivables and payables, we have a so much more development to lead them through. This includes earning CPA and CFA licenses as well as software certifications.

If you have your own team and would like to off-load the management duties to help build their careers, we would love to share our team processes and management with you.

As so much varies from industry to industry, it is best to start by talking with one of our team members about what you need. Drop us a line on the Contact Page.