Transparency Focused


1.) Financials – Our team is ready to get you on a month-end close. Backed by a team of CPA’s and specialists, we will create month-end closing processes which include visible and communicated financial reports and supports such as balance sheet reconciliations and Profit Loss variance analysis. Cash flow compilations and reviews can be added to the monthly close; for additional pricing. Please ask for more information when discussing with the Sales Agent about the current reports that you use. The team is very capable of adapting to the client’s vision, but only up to the level that the client can explain and detail their vision. Otherwise, we have a template starting place for you.

2.) Daily Reports – Cash-in, cash-out, accounts receivable aging’s, unapplied payment list, if any, and additional reporting requested by the client. This is your daily pulse on the company. No need to log into all your portals anymore, we have you covered with a daily dashboard of all the pertinent information.

3.) Weekly Reports – Accounts payable draws, sales analysis, and cash gross margin breakdowns. We are experienced in running your weekly payroll tax payments and sending you the breakdown in an easy-to-read format. Everything that we offer, we utilize for our own organization. Seeing these different views of daily, weekly, and monthly reporting helps build transparency and accountability. We create expectations with the day-to-day information, verify against the weekly reports, and go into a month end with a very good idea of where you should be.

4.) Custom – Tell us what you want. We will build it. However sophisticated and detailed as you would like. We have contacts with many developers and can work it out for you. Drop us a line on our Contact Page to get started.