AIR specializes in successful implementations of systems and continued reliable performance thereafter. A system can be as simple as having the right team, armed with the right tools, and a streamlined workflow.

The market is full of software solutions designed to automate. The first hurdle is selecting a solution that your whole team will adopt. Please review Integration for more information about choosing the right tools for your team. 

Companies are in a never-ending battle to stay ahead of their competitors. It’s important to always be on the lookout for new solutions, training opportunities, and workflow development.

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1.) Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – An enterprise resource planning system that has a universe-worth of application capabilities. We currently focus on integrating Power BI to produce custom reporting on a dimension level. This is for mid to large-sized companies that require inventory tracking, consumption modeling, and a tool that can do it all. 

2.) QuickBooks Online – An accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. Very user friendly. Primarily being used by small to mid-sized staffing companies in our network but it has capability for many industries. Other applications we have used it for include grading and excavation, metal fabrication, trucking, and professional cleaning services. 

3.) Rent Manager – A powerful property management software that combines all the features you need to run your business into a single integrated solution. 

4.) Tipalti – An accounting software financial technology business that provides consolidated accounts payable and remittance services for businesses needing to pay their suppliers on a global basis. AIR Consulting currently uses this to pay international vendors and will be scaling into the platform over the next few years. This software essentially creates a system and workflow for your payables department in a lightweight add-on to existing Enterprise Resource Planning Solution.

5.) LastPass – With this tool, we have managed to enhance our company’s security by eliminating password spreadsheets while enabling our workers to securely share encrypted credentials internally.

6.) Express VPN – A privacy and security tool that encrypts users’ web traffic and masks their IP addresses. There is no perfect way to stay safe on the web. We start by training our employees on safe online practices and add this VPN as an additional layer of protection against web tracking to make it just that much more difficult for a hacker to attack. Request to be added by us to Express VPN and receive a larger discount. 

7.) Shopify – An e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. This is the most user friendly all in one site to build your online shop. It eliminates maintenance hours while providing reliable service and easy scalability. 

8.) Kamikaze- Scratch Game. Enemies are everywhere. Proof of concept. Here. We like to explore and have fun when we can.