Integration is commonly brought up for new system implementations. However, integration is also the blending of different people and characters in a mutual setting that will be using the system, whether it be remote or on location. It is our goal to have the team and software’s seamlessly working together.


1.) Software Implementation – Our team has been through many of these system integrations. We have learned what precautions need to be taken to ease the stress of a new system on your current team. We staff trained individuals If you need teammates to help operate your new software. 

2.) Staffing –  AIR delivers that extra assurance in our team members with dual approval on all background checks and providing training programs for technical and soft skill development. We take into consideration what kind of personality is needed to best fit your team and help develop them to be a valued member of your organization. 

3.) Reporting – Our emphasis is on creating the reports necessary to maintain transparency and productive communication. Integrating our reports into your company can cause friction within departments who do not have buy-in to the service. We pursue hearing all comments and do our best to adapt our reports and style to be as lightweight as possible for your requirements.

4.) Fit the Mold – We adapt to you. Let us know where you need help. Drop us a line on the Contact Page.